Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts on Ministry

In the middle of a long working day yesterday, my mind was consistently preoccupied with thinking about SDSU and the 40,000+ students that I'll eventually help my team reach. Part of me wonders what methods can be most effective in reaching students and making disciples, while another thinks about what specific students we should be targeting. The answer: figure out what the guys enjoy doing and reach those guys.

Mark Driscoll's video on Men brings up some interesting points in reaching dudes.

He brings up several statistics regarding young men and their church attendance. If these stats are right, then the question becomes: "How do we get those guys involved in ministry?" He speaks primarily of church attendance, but I think the principles are equally valid in reaching a college campus with the Gospel. I remember being bummed when I heard about girls in college dragging their boyfriends to a weekly meeting with Campus Crusade or any other on-campus ministry. The same rings true now when I hear about dudes being dragged to church by girlfriends or wives. I think when we get guys to show up, the girlfriends and wives will follow. How then do we get guys to show up?

I think this may require some alteration of activities that get performed at church and on-campus. The leader of the Men's Ministries at my old church always asked the question, "Why can't we get more guys involved and attending church?" My answer was and continues to be that most guys enjoy doing things that church insurance doesn't like.

Would love to hear your thoughts!