Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Left the "Fort"

Just been back a few days from Fort Collins, CO and my New Staff Training with Crusade. It was a pretty challenging summer in a lot of ways: re-learning an old work environment and culture was more of a rocky transition than I thought it would be coming from my short time in the fire service and EMS.

In the midst of all the lessons and information I've still got to work through, I don't think any was as profound as realizing how much I'll miss public service. I thought about it several times throughout the summer in Colorado, but it didn't start to hit me until I got home and dropped off my friend at her apartment driving through the same town where I quit my internship in medic school. Lots of frustration and confusion came back as I drove those same streets, this time frustrated in my own car instead of the back of an ambulance. I think at that point I realized how bittersweet it was to be back with Crusade working as a missionary. I really enjoyed my time in Colorado, getting a vision for what God is doing around the world and in San Diego, where I've been assigned, and getting a chance to re-connect with so many old and new friends. At the same time, it was tough to think about not being able to run calls with so many good friends throughout the county who are still with Fire/EMS.

I got asked a lot this summer if I missed running calls with my buddies. I usually just shrugged it off with a smile and said "Yeah, sometimes." The reality is that I miss it everytime I hear a siren go off. I think about whether it's a single-alarm fire or some kid being born that I could have helped deliver. I loved every minute of the last three years.

Driving home from Colorado spawned even more situations where I kept asking God what was going on and why He led me back to Crusade when I loved being in public service so much. He always counters with simply reminding me to trust and obey Him, despite what I see in front of me. Everytime He reminds me of that, I remember that a life following God is never boring and always fruitful. I'm looking forward to and encouraged by what He's got for me, my team at SDSU, and the students we're going to be reaching. Can't wait.

"I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see. ...because this broken road prepares your way for me." -Jeremy Camp

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